I want custody!


My ex-husband and I got divorced about a year ago. It started out very congenial, and we rarely ever fought over divorce issues so I never thought it necessary to get a court arrangement for the custody of our two kids, ages six and ten. We had just agreed to joint custody, so we cold figure it out on our own. But for the last few months, my ex has been constantly making excuses as to why the children need to spend weeks at a time at his home, giving me only a couple days every month with them. I don??™t want to be yanking my kids back and forth from home to home, but I do want them to spend the majority of the time with me, especially since I??™m still living in the house they grew up in. I??™ve been looking into some California family law attorneys who can help me figure out my options. I??™ve looked into this but he doesn??™t look too personable. Does anyone know anything about this I really like what I??™ve researched about this.Any advice on what to look for in an attorney??

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You need to find an attorney who takes the time to listen to your side of the story and who you feel comfortable with moving forward. Child Custody disputes are especially difficult matters, and therefore you need to find someone who is willing to ensure they take the time to listen to you and answer all of your questions. I wish you all the best.