I want to leave...now


My husband and I have been married for only 2.5 years. We have no biological children together. We got married in another state but now live in North Carolina. We do not own any property together. I do not want anything accept to keep what I came into the marriage with: which is my personal items (jewelry,clothes,etc), my bedroom set and “my” daughters bedroom set, my car, cell phone bill and credit card bill (I’ll even pay for the stuff he put on the card). He can keep everything else including stuff we received as wedding gifts. We are renting a house but I am ready to get my own apartment just to get away.
Where do I start? I have watched the “Divorce Legal” webinar and I remember one of the last things Mr.Rosen said was make sure there is a separation agreement in place before I leave the residence… How do I start the process, with the separation agreement then leaving, because if it weren’t for my kids I would work as late as possible every day… Please help…


You have to start somewhere, and that usually begins with a conversation with your spouse. You can start that conversation by having a proposed agreement drafted to discuss directly with him.