Illegal drug use

My husband know for a fact that his ex wife uses marijuana on a regular basis, as we know ppl that have used it with her, we have talked to her when she is high and she has a past history of it. we suspect other drug use but we dont’ have documented proof of either. What ways can we prove this and how much of a role does it play in child custody cases in NC?

You may call witnesses to testify in court. Child custody is determined using all factors which have an impact on the welfare of the children. Heavy drug use would certainly have an impact on the children’s well being as it can affect the mother’s ability to care for the children.

these people won’t come to court and testify they used drugs with her. what about marijuana use? does that play a factor? Im just trying to decide if it would financially feasible to hire a Private Investigator.

Any illegal drug use would be a negative for a parent seeking custody. You may hire a PI to document the mother’s marijuana use.

one more question. we have paid a high amount of child support for the past 4 years and when I did the child support calculator on this site it came up $475 when I put in nights for us at 311 and her 419 and his hourly times 40 hrs and since she is voluntarily unemployed, figured 40 hrs at minimum wage, but when I called DCSE they said if she goes through them, they use a different caculation and no matter how many nights they put in 123 bc they said its the same after that and their figure was almost $800. How can they use a different calculator than any of the ones I have found online? Did not make sense to me at all. she has an associate degree in early childhood education so is minimum wage the right amount to use or should it be higher? the kids are 8 and 4

I am not understanding how you come up with 311 nights for you, and 419 nights for her. All child support is run according to the guidelines (unless the court has deviated from the guidelines, in which case you would have had a trial on the issue).
Income is imputed to a party who is depressing their income in bad faith, and the amount imputed is based on work history and ability to earn.

the sheet asked for 2 years of nights so out of 730 nights we had 311 and she had 419

I am not familiar with the sheet you are working from.