Income after divorce


i have been ordered to show my personal savings since separation for all bank account. My ex is smart enough not to keep savings in his name and has hardly any savings to show. Takes trips, spends like crazy, and makes very good money and I have no idea where it is at. Could be all kept in the business name or given to his parents…who knows. Anyway, I have scrimped and cut back to save the money to pay for atty fees and to have extra $$ just incase I should have a hardship. Why do we have to show savings after separation? Is this normal. I believe my ex’s atty ordered this to be done. My atty doesn’t seem to be bothered by it.


Your husband or his attorney is attempting to see whether or not you have diverted any marital funds into a separate account. This is quite typical, and I would not be alarmed either. What is alarming is your husband’s extravagant spending. You should seek (through discovery or subpoena) your husband’s business records, income and bank records to trace funds he has used or diverted.


Here’s one for you. I received an interim distribution. After I received it, my ex-husband and his attorney presented to the Court that he was entitled to half of any interest I made after receiving this distribution. (The divorce was not final) Just a “heads up”. The “other side” will stop at nothing, so be prepared!