Show bankstatements

I was served a supeona today to produce all bankstatements from 2009 til today. We were separated on Sept 2007 and divorced Dec 2008. I don’t care to show how much money I have saved to him nor his attorney. Is there a statute which states I will have to do this?

Is there a current action pending?

We have been in court continually because he will not produce document concerning a business that he/ or we have. To my knowledge there is not action prior to this asking for my personal statements, nor do I see why I would have to show this. I have scraped and done without to save, while he spends like crazy. Spends company money which is also mine, even pays his atty out of company money to fight me in our divorce. Doesn’t quite seem fair. I pay my atty with personal money and have no access to company money like he does. Pays EVERYTHING out of the company,. 2nd mortagage, gas for himself, employees, new wife, father, mother, any and all expenses he can.

You must produce the documents they are seeking as there is a current action pending. The money you have saved since separation is separate, and not subject to division, however the value of your present estate is considered relevant to the action.

I don’t understand why this makes a difference when I am continually paying out and my account gets less and less each month. I changed attorneys since turning in the papers and am now $10,000 less than what I origionally showed. Also, I have to continue to pay my attorney and my account is eventually going to be zero at the rate this is going. My ex has been dragging this on for over 3ys. Although, he pays his attorney fees out of company money. Can I ask for the same? I have a forensic accountant looking into the books and company income, and I find it unfair that I worry about how I will pay my attorney and yet he just writes a check out of OUR company (he is the only one who has access to bank account and money). I helped to start one of these businesses after marriage and invested the profit from 2 homes sold.

If you cannot sustain yourself during the pendency of the action in seeking child support, child custody or child support, you may file a motion seeking attorney’s fees. You may also want to consider having your attorney file a motion for interim distribution of property to secure funds to pay your lawyer.