Is fighting a divorce expensive

My ex does not as much as me, can a get a few ballparks on how much it will cost her to retain an attorney, and try to get joint custody of the kids from me.

Divorce can be extremely expensive depending on how much money you have and how much you want to fight. It can be relatively inexpensive if you, as rational and fair human beings, can reach agreement on the issues yourselves. In actuality, all divorces could be done over the kitchen table and then submitted to a lawyer to file before the Court. It’s really up to you guys. Even movie stars, with millions, could and can do it themselves. Doesn’t cost much to hire a lawyer to formally draw up what you have already agreed to. If you can agree and have modest incomes, then the divorce won’t cost all that much. Be wary if you are high income and have money in the bank. Getting lawyers involved will ensure that you won’t have much in the bank afterwards and you’ll be working just to pay the lawyer to fight a fight that is not necessary. Do it yourselves! Please! Take it from one who knows and paid more than any ordinary human being has ever paid and ended up with zilch.

Yes, it’s never that easy to file for divorce. Though it looks like a plain paper, the process means a year-long battle in the court room.
i Fortunately, you dont have to break the bank nowadays to have your divorce laid in trial. Today, we have cheap divorce in the form of mediation & uncontested divorce Just check your state’s law about these forms of divorce.

Hope this one helps