Is it worth it? How hard is it?


I left my husband of 10 years (17 living together) because of domestic abuse. So far we’ve been to court for custody (which I have) and child support (he lied and pays $50 a month). I haven’t filed for divorce yet. I’ve gone through 2 attorneys and $9500 for just that. I’m out of money. I’ve fired both attorneys for lack of a better term…laziness. I don’t know whether or not it’s worth it to go after my husband for half of the business (it’s a small electrical business run out of his house and truck) or not. I helped him get to where he is. When we met he was a dishwasher. He made $7 per hour. Today he makes $120 per hour. When I left he did everything to make my life hell. He managed to take my name off all 3 of our bank accounts. I had to live off of a credit card and food stamps for my daughter and I. But I made it.
Now I’ve got the bank and a credit card after me for the money that I thought I’d get using the first attorney in the divorce. She managed to get me $50 a month for child support. Kinda hard to raise a child on that kinda money. So, is it worth it to pursue him any further? How hard is it to take someone to court without an attorney?


You can go through Child Support Enforcement and they will go after him for child support. If you have proof that his income is different than what he presented, I would ask CSE to assess the amount of support that is appropriate, and then they will enforce the order, and take him to court for non-payment. And, I believe it only costs $25 to get CSE involved. MUCH less than an attorney of your own. And you will be represented by counsel when you go to court for child support.


You can go to CSE for child support, but to get your share of the marital assets, including the business, you’ll have to file for equitable distribution.