Joint and separate bank accounts

For three years, all the house payments, utilities, taxes, and insurance came out of my paycheck, which was deposited into my own personal account. My husband’s paycheck went into a separate joint account that paid the bills from our business. A year ago, my husband decided he wanted more control over his money (i.e., more drinking money), so he stopped sending his check to the separate joint account and into his own personal account. He paid a few of the bills from his account, but I had to pay everything else from mine.

Why would he be entitled to any credit for the mortgage payments for the 4 years we were married? Clearly, he did not pay anything toward them. The house payments were made from my own personal account. The house belonged to me before we were married, and is deeded solely in my name.

The home is your separate property. Your husband does have a martial interest in the home though. His financial contributions, if any, and “sweat equity” will be considered in Equitable Distribution, and he will be entitled to one half of the active appreciation on the property that accrued during the marriage. If he didn’t contribute to the mortgage, taxes, repairs or general upkeep during your marriage, then he is unlikely to receive much, if anything, out of the marital home in this case.

Are you sure you didn’t marry my husband? Same exact thing except he had a business that made no money, I put all the money into it and then he sold all the equipment when we separated. I wish I could get back some of the money I invested but I don’t think I can.