Joint custody


My husband shares joint legal custody with his ex wife - with her having the primary physical custody. My husband has decided to file for a motion to modify custody and have a court date of Dec. 1. During the last 2 years since last court date in 6/07 , she has not made him aware of any kind of medical visits when she takes the son to the dr and has recently in the last month, the child had several dr visit with some specialist visits. We are not aware of any visits until it is billed with the insurance company. Can this be brought up in the modification of custody court date?


does your husband pay any co-pay or share any medical costs besides the insurance? It won’t hurt to mention that you would like to be kept informed about visits to specialists.


the ex does not even tell him when an appointment is – to help out --she does things on her own even though she is suppose to discuss with him and may mention it only if money is owed on anything.


Absolutely, your husband can argue that his not be afforded the opportunity to aid in the decision process regarding the child’s health affects the child’s well being, and in addition, is a violation of the current order.