Kind of a mixed question

A friend of mine brought this to my attention today and I want to make sure I don’t cross any lines.

I am going into my 3rd year for a BS in paralegal/legal studies, so because of this I know there is a fine line considered for legal advice.

After playing games with the caseworker and court this week and asking for a continuance, my ex has started making a demand/request to see the baby. I explained that even after he was given the DNA results his refusal to sign the affidavit to put his name on the BC still gave him no standing and explained SOME things that my attorney and CSE told me. I also told him the amount of the CS and when he said the court could deviate I told him the only reasons they would deviate from the guidelines and that neither of us had extrodinary expenses. Of course I got the “I guess someone will be living high off the hog while I’m on the street” (Mind you he’s done nothing since the baby was born or before and says he’s retained one of the most expensive attorneys in town.)


After I made some of those statements a friend of mine told me to tread lightly so I can’t be accused of giving legal “advice” or practicing anything and from here on since he wants to play games (I left out some things in this issue) to tell him to talk to my attorney and not speak to him anymore.

I know he’s recording the conversations and frankly, so am I :)) BUT…
Considering my schooling, shutting my mouth and making him go through my attorney and not dealing with or speaking to him is probably the best advice isn’t it???

No, I’m not the Rosen attorney here, but I think I know the answer.

You are NOT an attorney, nor will you be one even when you do finish your degree. If you give him “advice,” so what? You are not an attorney.

Your second question, about making him talk to your attorney? Yes, you should. Don’t talk to this guy. He is an abuser. He wants your attention and he’ll do anything he can to get it. Look how he behaved over the DNA testing. Demanding DNA testing (insinuating the child is not his), then refusing to sign the affidavit and put his name on this child’s birth certificate. Next up? Demands to see this child. This makes sense? The guy is irrational. He’s intentionally pushing your buttons. Don’t get sucked into his games. Don’t communicate with him. Let your attorney do that.

It’s done :))
I did not call to tell him either, the attorney told me what to and not to do and I’m in peace again.