Leased Storage


Ok…this may be a little tricky. Prior to separation this would have been considered marital since you both had access and I assume it was rented while you were married instead of prior to marriage.
Since you both had equal access to it and it was not a residence, I don’t believe that there can be much done about it.
I have a friend who’s wife left and took all of HIS stuff with her. He had to file for ED before he was able to get it back and that may be what the judge will tell you; that you should have file ED to get possession of your belongings. Or contacted the owner and requested access of the unit to remove your belongings. You could have also sent her a letter of intent stating date and time you would be at the unit to remove your belongings. Without a separation agreement, and since you replaced the lock and gave her the key, I’m not sure that there’s not much that could have been done. Maybe the attorney will chime in on this one…

No you could not have kept her out of the apartment, regardless of whether or not the lease is solely in your name. That’s grounds for divorce from bed & board for malicious turning out of doors.


When my wife and I were married we had a storage unit that we both had equal access to and used, but it was only leased in her name. When we separated (not legally) she changed the lock and told me I couldn’t have the things that were mine from that unit. I cut the lock and got what was mine and replaced the lock and gave her the key.
She has now filed a B&E charge against me and damage to property (the lock that was cut).
How much trouble am I actually in? Can you really be charged with breaking and entering into your own storage unit? Can she legally keep me from what is mine? I didn’t take or damage any of her belongings. The apartment was leased in my name only…could I have gotten mad at her one night and kept her out?
I really need some good advice. Thanks in advance for the help. rlb