Leaving with the kids?

My is having an affair with this woman and the both of them are making a joke of it. I am ready to file for a divorce. My husband is getting ready to get a worker comp settlement am I entitle to some of this in the divorce. I only ask about the worker comp because I need to secure my kids and my future. My husband has been supporting the family for the last year and a half. My husband keep telling me that I have to prove he is having this affair. What do I next because we are stilling living together. He stays out at least 2-3 three nights a week. My kids is being affected by this sudden change in my husband routine. I try to hide my emotions around them but it is hard. I just want him to leave or I will leave with the kids. I do not know what will hppen to me if I remove the kids from the home. I plan on leaving today. Somebody help me.