Legal Advice on Alienation of Affection

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I live in Columbia, SC. I have lived with my girlfriend of 5 years for 2 years in a home we own together. In SC we are considered common law husband and wife.
My girlfriend had been morning the loss of her father when an old male friend, who lives in Charlotte, NC, contacted her. He recognized her depression and mental state and used the situation by telling her he had experienced the same thing with his father. None of this was true but he made her beleive he could help her get through it as a “special friend”. He convinced her to keep the friendship a secret from me because I knew of him from years ago when he had tried to break us up. Once he had her to a point of making secretive calls and visits to him he turned the tables and began blackmailing her with it, including physical threats. She felt obligated to keep the “friendship” going to prevent him from telling me and or harming me. The whole situation happened over a very intense 6 weeks or so. The reason it ended was he sexually assaulted her thinking his threats would keep her from telling me, which it did not.
Obviously, this has caused great emotional harm to our relationship, to me and to her as well, she is in weekly counseling and we go together once every two weeks for couples therapy.

My question - Would North Carolina’s laws regarding Alienation of Affections provide some recourse for me in this case? If so, what is the first step to take?

Thanks for any help