Legal Separation

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I have been married with my husband for about 6 years. I come from another country but I have been a legal resident for about 3 years.

I left him two weeks ago and went to live in an apartment. The problems that we had is that he is an alcoholic, although not abusive, and we had many other problems as well.

WE are going to counseling, but I don’t know if this will work out. My question I guess is the following:

  • If I were to get legal separated, I am not going to ask for alimony or anything like that. He earns 3 times more than what I do, but I think I can manage to control my expenses and live in a tight but decent way with what I earn. What I am afraid of is that he would want to divide all the debts we have(credit cards and mortgage and things that we have on both our names) and I won’t be able to pay them.

Would that be possible? What else can he do to harm me?