Letter from ex-wife's attorney


Hi, my ex-wife states that she supposedly obtained an attorney to get help with something and our custody order. That “something” is her claim that I am harassing and stalking her repeatedly which I am not and I can prove that and counter her claim. However that really is irrelevant to my question. She asked me last night if I had received a letter from an attorney to which I told her I had not. However, I worked all weekend and didn’t go through my mail from Saturday yet until late last night. That is when I found the letter. It was in a law firms envelope and on official letter head however it was only sealed with a piece of tape and placed in my mailbox with my other mail. Basically the letter said to stop harassing and stalking her or legal action would ensue but it had multiple typo’s and other errors in their statements. Knowing where this law firm is it is about 20 mins or so from my house. My ex-wife when I told her I hadn’t received it told me not to worry about it and she was going to not have them send it because it was no big deal. (She likes to contradict herself and say one thing one day and another the next). My question is…If this attorney’s letter was supposed to be an official warning, shouldn’t it had been actually mailed and proof read to ensure there were no mistakes? or can an attorney actually drive out 20-30 mins to someone’s house after throwing something together and just drop it in their mailbox 3 days after the letter was typed according to the date on the letter?


I would contact the law firm to ensure that they have truly been retained. You don’t need to be properly served with a letter of representation, as you would be the case if a lawsuit was filed (in that case you would need to be properly served with the summons and complaint). Because of the suspicious nature of the letter it can’t hurt to reach out and see if the correspondence was actually generated by the law firm.