Lien on Car for back child support

I have an order stating I am owed roughly 15k in back child support. Monthly support collected through child support enforcement with a set amount going to arrearage. He pays the ordered support amount but most often not the arrearage. or sometimes he pays nothing. He is very good at the game.

he has vehicles that are paid in full and have no liens.

Can I file a lien against his vehicle for the owed back child support even if CSE is handling the case? of do they have to do it? And what will i need to establish the lien if I can?

Yes, it appears that you can have a lien filed against his real and personal property, but that it must be filed by a designated representative since your case is through child support enforcement. See N.C.G.S. 44-86 and speak with your case worker about filing the lien.