Life insurance policy


How does this hurt you? I still pay the premium on my ex’s life insurance policy and I am still the beneficiary. We purchased this policy over 20 years ago when we first got married. If something happens to him, his pension wouldn’t be paid out and my share of that money that I am entitled to would never be paid out.

Aren’t there more important things for you to be worrying about?


Sandy, why do you want to make money off your ex’s death?? Why do you even think about his pension?? Don’t you have other decent ways to make money? why don’t you depend on yourself???


I don’t want to and will not make money off of anyones death. The policy was purchased many years ago; I have decided to continue to pay the monthly premiums.

Why do I think about his pension? Do you not understand what equitable distribution is? I was married to this man for over 20 years, when he retires; a share of his pension will be paid to me, per the equitable distribution agreement. He received the same consideration on my pension. This is standard practice.

Yes, I do support myself and my kids; I work over 40 hours a week and am paying the bill for the eldest to go to college. I can take care of myself, but why should I throw away something that I am entitled to?

If the fact that she has a life insurance policy on your husband bothers you so much, why don


If you don’t want to make money off your ex’s death, why don’t you stop buying his life insurance? You ARE trying to get money off his death.

You are not in any position telling me what I should do and how I should feel. You are truly the bitter ex-wife trying to get every penny off your ex.


This is getting comical…

How will I


Sandy, you are definitely a busy body on this site. You have no problem getting into other people’s business on top of you are working more than 40 hours a week.

You are right, it is getting comical that finally you admitted that you are trying to make money on your ex if something happens to him. You are the one doesn’t understand that what DIVORCE means, Divorce means anything between you and your ex is OVER other than child support. You need to find a new husband to buy Life Insurance on. Maybe you just can’t find anybody to make money off and move on your life. Yes, you are a bitter ex-wife, otherwise you wouldn’t be on this site so much and run your mouth on everything.


Women at their best. but I do agree with Sandy. How is that affecting you or your husband, there is no money coming out of your pockett, and how do you know what shes doing and why do you care. but if you want the policy to end all he has to do is lie about his health .


Hey - I resent that!!! I’m just having fun with an irrational individual!

But back to the point, if she has her husband lie about his health, that won


UPSET WIFE-- Its time to move on, unless you are the type that looks for DRAMA.


So - wow - I thought this forum was for posting for legal advice, not personal attacks on each other. If I read a post, and don’t agree with what the person is saying, I just keep it to myself. I would think one of the purposes of this forum is to ask questions in a non-threatening arena. Can’t we keep the name calling out of it and just post our questions? Advice is a great thing from others that have been there before you, but lately, it seems as though people are getting a little bit more personal with their advice, not to mention offensive. There’s an emotional forum on this website for that. It’s not up to any of us to make judgements on the other person. BTW, upsetwife, I hear what you’re saying, it’s the principle of the matter. Unfortunately, there are alot of people out there that don’t care about priciple, as long as they get what they want. There’s nothing that we can do but turn our cheek and move on. Good luck to you, I hope you get the answer your searching for.


I think what Sandy is trying to tell UpsetWife is that the Life Insurance Policy doesn’t effect her. Its not principle, it’s future financial security. If you read the entire posting, part of Sandys settlement was a portion of the pension, if the ex dies before the pension is paid out, Sandy will receive nothing that she is entitled to, that is why there is an insurance policy, to insure against this. Insurance isn’t cheap, and if she is willing to pay the premium for her future security, more power to her. Upsetwife just wants to see her ex spouse’s past disappear, that will not happen.

Upsetwife needs to stop being so bitter and hateful, Sandy was telling her why the ex may still need the insurance, and Upsetwife came out with many personnal attacks.

The problem with this world today is that everyone is to worried about what others may do, we all need to slow down and deside what is worth fighting.


Enough is Enough, everybody has their own opinion but all UPSET WIFE was wanting to know is if there is a way to prevent the ex from paying. And I think the answer is NO! but you do what is necessary to ease your mind.


I just found out that my husband’s ex-wife is still buying his life insurance. Is there any way to stop that?