Looking for joint custody, and house will be foreclosure

After a final divorce without separation agreement, my ex-wife now wants to move out of Raleigh to Charlotte with my two children, but I don’t want that happen. They are living in the house where the mortgage is in my name, but she stop making the payments, and now I’m two months behind, with posiblility to lose the house by foreclosure.
By word I gave the house to the ex, because I don’t want to leave my two children without a house. But now she wants to move to Charlotte and ask me to sign a release of my property, which I refused, because I want to be part of the development and education of my children. I applied for (joint) child custody. We had no agreement in the court mediation. Now we have a court day to let the Judge decide. Meanwhile she is manipulating the children against me and the house will be in foreclousure.

Out of emotions, I just want to acomplish my duties as a loving and responsible father, as I used to be, until she forced me to get out of the house, with false and bogus ugly allegations .

She has no family in USA, I think she may not be emotionally estable. I just want to do the right thing in benefit of my children.

If you are worried she may move before you get to court then you could file for emergency custody.