Marriage counciling

I am trying to get a divorce from my husband of 12 years, we have been seperated and moving on with our lives. I moved into a new apartment and let him stay in our former residence. With out warning he picked up in the middle of the night and left the house to return to michigan, leaving our two dogs abandoned and a house full of crap that I had to clean up for our landlord. I had no problem with any of that, I cleaned up the mess and returned the keys back to the landlord. Now my husband is saying he doesn’t want to give up that easily and says that I have to attend marriage counciling with him and let him move in with me while we go through it. He has no job and now way to help pay bills. I feel he just wants a free ride. Do i have to go to counciling and if I do, do I have to let him live with me while we do it? There is no chance of reconcilation between him and I, and I feel that counciling will be a complete waist of our time. I just want to be free of him!

You do not have to go to counselling and should not allow him to move in with you.