Mediation Agreement

I have completed mediation with the mother of my baby. I (the defendent) live in another state so we have agreed during mediation that I would foot all the costs for transportation of our child to and fro between our homes. The issue i have is that for the first agreed time (this summer) I might not be able to cover the costs. After re-reading our agreement that a mediator typed up for us, I haven’t read any part of the agreement that covers what would happen to me if I couldn’t pay for transportation of our child. The agreement does state that both the plaintiff and I will work together for the better good of our child but I wanted to know if there are any tricks or reprecussions i should be aware of that my ex can use against me to hinder my relationship with my daughter or screw me over in any other sense. Thank you in advance.

If you are solely responsible for transportation costs in the agreement, and you can’t bear the cost, then your child may not be able to visit you in your home state.

thank you for your reply; once again, this site has been a tremendous help.