Mediation/Visitation Question


Me and my Ex Wife has been split up since Sept 1st last year. I am paying child support set up by the court its never last or past due its always on time. Since we have been split up I have had a total of 4 over nights with the kids. The only time there mother will allow me to see them has been on Monday and Tuesdays from 3pm to 9pm I live 45min away from them so most of the time is spent driving them to and from my house. I want to set up some type of Visitation through the court I was told about Mediation . How do I file and do Mediation on my own and is this the best way to lock in time with my children?


You need to file a child custody claim. You can refer to our sample complaint for assistance with the drafting. The mediation process is required by the court system before you can proceed to a hearing.