It looks like I will be going to mediation with my Ex husband for alimony and equitable distribution settlement. Please give me some pointers of where I should even begin. I know what I want…so is it pretty much the fact that if he does not agree to what I want then I say ok …we are going to court. Is that MY call?? I want as much alimony as I can get from him but I have no idea where to start with an “asking” price…any suggestions?? Or pointers?? I am hoping the fact that infidelity was involved and a 25 year marriage and he makes a 6 digit salary will all be a plus for me…Will this make a difference? Thanks!

Mediation is intended to provide a forum for the parties to reach a compromise, ie a resolution between what each party wants, and that they both can live with. If you cannot reach a satisfactory compromise you can refuse to agree, and then you will go to court.

His affair and substantial income are good points to argue your position for alimony.