Medical bills

I went to court and my attorney never admitted into evidence the paystub from my work on how much medical, dental and amflex card finances I paid for 2007. I gave it to him, but he said that would be entered into evidence later. In my wife’s claim she stated that I refused to pay any of her medical expenses. On my paystub I paid close to $6,000 in medical, dental and amflex card.

at court I mentioned that I paid $6,000 dollars in medical, dental and amflex cards payment, and her attorney said is it in that discovery. I said no. So it was basically my word against hers.

He stated the reason he didn’t submit it was because we are not in the alimony claim stage.

However, the issue that was in dispute in the separation of bed and board is that I refused to pay medical expense.

Do you think he should have submitted it as evidence? I know you have discoveries for the other people in gathering evidence. But how do you submit evidence that you want to submit?

I would have likely submitted the paystub into evidence, however I do not like to judge other attorney’s strategies, especially when I only have a limited knowledge of the case. It may be that your testimony to the amflex contribution was sufficient in this case, or that the evidence came in on another document such as a financial affidavit.