Medical Insurance


i am required to pay medical insurance for our son. The consent order says I am to pay for the child but does give an end date. When does my legal obligation end? When he turns 18, when he graduates from high school, or when he graduates from high school?


OK my ex is supposed to pay insurance on “the child”. I am paying for private school and a whole list of other things. What does it mean by “the child”. Till he is 18 or until he graduates from high school? I say it is indefinite or at least until he graduates from college. She says it is when he turns 18 which is before he graduates from high school.


I was always under the assumption, that unless your order/contract states otherwise, it is until the child is 18.


I agree with you End of the Line. But what would a judge say?


It depends on what the Order or Agreement says.


It only says: "(my name) shall maintain health insurance on the child"
That is the only reference to health insurance. And I only agreed during discussions to cover him until he was 18 but now they are saying I have to cover until he graduates from high school.


I would argue that he is covered until the age of 18, as at that age, he/she is no longer a child but an adult. I’m not sure what a judge would say, sometimes with judges you never know what you’ll get.


Wow, so this is a very big deal. I have a reverse situation. So if my ex drops my son at 18 do I have to pick up insurance until he graduates highschool and college? Is she in contempt because it didn’t give an end date to her obligation?


It sounds like both of you have very vague Orders. In which case, you can take it to court and see what a judge says. Usually default cut off age for child support and insurance is 18.


The NC Child Support Guidelines state that child support obligations end at the time the child turns 18, if the child is still in primary or secondary school (high school) when the child reaches the age of 18 support payments (and presumably insurance obligations) shall continue until the child graduates, otherwise ceases to attend school on a regular basis, fails to make progress towards graduation, or reaches age 20, whichever comes first.


Is insurance considered child support. Because I waived child support in consideration of a large chunk of ED.


You cannot waive child support in exchange for ED and any such waiver is not enforceable, you may file an action for CS.
Insurance is calculated in the child support equation.