Medical neglect?

In the past 3 years my ex and I have been split, hen the plantiff has not taken the kids to any pediatric, eye doctor, psycholigy, psychiatry, or therapy appts. He took them once to the dentist, and then knowing they needed work done did not take them back. I was left to handle all of it, and continue to do so. He also refused me copies of the kids medical and immunization records so I can keep on top of those. My oldest daughter also had a severe uti with fever in excess of 105 and white blood. Ell count over 22k when ex finally let me take her to doctor because the school called him complaining of her fever. Could any of this be used if I were to file a medical neglect charge against him?

Your question about a “charge” indicates a criminal action, which is outside of the scope of this forum. On the civil side, neglect of juveniles is handled under chapter 7B. The only way to bring the specific issue of neglect based on failure to provide necessary medical treatment would be to contact CPS. If you have a child custody order or agreement, you could file either a civil action or motion to modify custody, in order for the court to make a new custody schedule. You would then present evidence of the neglect as a reason for limiting his custody.