Military retiree question and vehicle question

Im an air force retiree. I am currently divorced … when i was married to my former spouse i was only married to her while in the military for 8.5 years. ive done some research on my own and have come to the conclusion she cannot have my retirement garnished because of a 10/ 10 rule. she would have had to be married to me for more than 10 years for her to be able to garnish my retirement. Ive been trying to negoiate with her and her attorney to see if i can get her off my retirement . I just dont see that happening at this point. im looking to protect what i have and im looking for strategies to shelter the assets. what assets i have left are inheritance funds which i have converted to some classic cars …which are totally mine…They are not Marital property. I did have an attorney but he wasnt aggressive enough and has left me hanging. There are some other issues like credit card debit… ill save that as another question.

one other questioni have . When my ex and i separated i gave her a 90 Suburban … She has used it for the last 3 years and has not performed any maintenance on it. It is registered in her name and she pays the insurance on BUT …the title to the vehicle is in both our names are on the title …My name appears first … the vehicle is broke down at my house and i want to part it out …am i legal to do so?

Is there an equitable distribution claim pending?

equitable distribution has not been settled because of my claim for social security benifits

The cars cannot be touched so long as you can prove they were purchase with your inheritance. Separate property is not subject to equitable distribution.

The vehicle is martial property you may not sell it off in parts without your ex’s consent.