Military separation

I doubt it - as his legal address would not change. If he agrees to the seperation you could have an agreement drawn up and he could use a PO box I would think that plus being overseas would meet the requiments.


I would think really both parties benifit by legal seperation before deployment. That way both partys understand prior being gone. It really stinks when one party knows they are seperated and the other dosen’t, bills mount up, paychecks disappear, savings is gone etc. etc. etc. And the added stress of trying to understand.

Disbelief in the system

Dear sacco70:

Greetings. Yes, you can use the time that you are living separate and apart as your legal separation, as long as you inform him of your intent for the same. Thank you.

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Hello, I have a question concerning a legal separation my spouse is in the Marines.I wanted to know if he got orders overseas for a year could I use that as a separation considering that we won’t be living together for a year? Would I have to have a legal separation drawn up before he leaves?