Mother Paying Child Support

Upon the advice of my X wifes attorney to my x wife(so she could get her life together) (and my children’s wishes), my 2 children (12 and 9) have been primarily living with me and their stepmom and 2yr old step brother since June of 2009. During this time I still continued to pay child support to my X. In August 2009 a temp court order was signed giving me physical custody of my 2 children and no one paying either childsupport but I still pd their insurance. Since they have been living with us their grades have been outstanding, they’ve both been playing sports and haven’t missed a day of school. They are so happy and healthy. Long story short but we got another attorney and met with him back in Jan 2010 and when we spoke he told us that we still needed to “get a little more grass under our feet bf possibly trying to take her back to court”. He also felt that as long as things were going in our favor that we shouldn’t rock the boat as far as asking for money. We pay for the kids health and dental insurance,all their sports activities,lunch money EVERYTHING! Well my X finally got a job and I asked her to start helping atleast pay 1/2 of their soccer registeration, which was only $60 and she completely ignores me. In our papers it says that we are to split any cost of the children such as sports,health/dental fees 50/50 and she won’t give me a dime, I’ve asked and asked. As you know economically times are very tough. It’s been almost 1 entire year since the children have been primarily in my care and it’s been 3 months since I last spoke with my attorney about this issue. She mainly get’s them every other weekend and is supposed to get them 1 night a week(but rarely does). We do everything for these children, take them to all their games,practices, parties…everything. We really need some atleast a little financial help from their mother. What do you suggest I do?

I suggest you move first move forward with an action for contempt for her refusal to follow the current order and pay half of the sports, medical and dental fees. I would also suggest you move forward with a support action now that she is employed.