Motion To Modify Child Support

I am require to pay my son’s father court ordered child support of $187 every month. I want to get that amount decreased based on the fact that I just had my 2nd child on February 10, 2015. What court forms do I need to file to get the order modified and also is this (having another child) considered a substantial change?

To get help with filing your motion, I would consider our Rosen Online Service. This service only costs $199/month, and would be a great resource to help you with your child support issue; you get access to our library of legal forms as well as help from an online attorney.

Having another child doesn’t automatically result in a change in your child support obligation; spend some time on our child support calculator, you’ll see what figures and factors are part of the calculation. You can ask the court to deviate from the child support guidelines. To learn about that process read our article on Child Support Deviation.