Child Support Mod


I’m divorced, and pay child support to my ex wife for our two children from that marriage. Currently, I’m engaged, and my new fiance is pregnant with our child. Will I be able to get the child support amount I pay to my ex-wife modified because of that once the child is born?


Yes. You should file a motion to modify.


In light of this, I have 3 follow-up questions:

1.) Should I work on filing now (while she is still pregnant), or should I wait until the baby is born?

2.) Is there a way to ensure that I don’t get the same judge to preside over this hearing that presided over my separation/divorce/child custody & child support?

3.) Finally, how much would that cost me if I were to hire an attorney from Rosen Law Firm to handle the motion to modify?

Thanks for all of your help.

  1. Work on it now. Hearing after the baby is born.

  2. A good attorney can judge shop.

  3. I’m not an attorney. Perhaps $ 500- $1000.