Motion to Show Cause


Ya know Deputy Brian Hancock, you should get all the facts before you assume anything with our daughter. Since you abandoned all of us and have avoided paying REAL support for her, since I have to work full time…I have placed Emily in after school day care and I am seeking to amend child support since I now have to pay for afterschool care. Emily will no longer be with her sisters alone ever again. BTW - AMANDA hit her (wonder where she picked up that behaviour) you beat our children MANY TIMES and you are a law enforcement officer - You have damaged these girls BAD.

Does your new wife not have any money left for your legal defense since she paid for the divorce (which cost $$$$) and you make little money a year? and you left and abandoned all of us not just Em. and had a baby while legally married to me? Dude you need serious help!


How very sad it is that you are willing to risk the honor and integrity of your own minor children by not only placing my name on this message board but also those of your daughters.

The order also stated that you are not to harass me. This is yet another violation of that order.


I will pray or you.
This probably belongs on the no attorney response, but since it is already posted here I have to speak my mind. What kind of man walks out on his wife of 12 years and kids? What a father!! Give me a break! Now you want to file a motion to show cause, for what?? (I could just picture you holding a magnifying glass to this little girl hoping for a bruise) You abandoned you wife, and now you want to take all she has left, her child? Waste the little money she has to raise these kids, because you new gf/wife has it to spend. Men like you, Deputy, make me sick! The only thing that makes me more disgusted is the women that enjoy taking these men from their families. Karma will make its rounds, and I woulnt want to be you when that day comes!! The nerve you and that woman had to pick you up at your wife’s house around christmas with your children there. You should be more than ashamed of yourself!!!


Please pray for her. She needs it when she leads a man on for 12 years telling him that he fathered her daughter when DNA proved he hadn’t.

It is obvious you are the same person as “ex-student” and am trying to do nothing more than continue to defame my character.


I never mislead you about Amanda, you ran out on me with Molly and all your other Japaneese women, I made a mistake, at least I owned up to it. And you knew, I have so many emails saying you knew Amanda was not yours. So stop using the sympathy card. You cheated on me 3 times and I took you back everytime, Pastor was right all along.
Circumstances change sometimes people do not.

I even told you to GO HOME to your NEW WIFE every time you tried to hit on me after being married. You need help. I am not the same person as almost done, I dont hide who I am.

Ya know now I thank God every day that you are gone, but the aftermath you left is so uncomparable to what you were put though. You chose to stay all those years, after Molly, Tracy and then the big M. She has to deal with you now, dont worry it will just be a matter of time for her to see who you really are…too bad it took me 12 years.


I have been on here for almost a year read my last posts (there are over 40) I have never talked to ex-student before…just want to set the record straight. I still feel the same way about your character and morals.


you mean you feel i lack moral character based on what she has said yet you don’t know the whole story. every coin has two sides.

you don’t know that she had multiple affairs during our marriage - i have the emails from that plus her testimony in court. you don’t know that i was granted a divorce from bed and board (if you know the law like you seem, you should know what this means). you don’t know that i left her many times during our marriage including once just a month earlier but came back until the holidays were over but because she was being verbally abusive to me, i had no other choice. you don’t know that the reason this other woman picked me up was because i wanted to leave the only working vehicle with her and couldn’t get in touch with my sister. you don’t know that she went in the house and brought the girls out to witness this instead of protecting them from it. you don’t know that i left my entire month’s paycheck in the account so she would be able to pay the bills. you don’t know that i gave her child support even before an order was in place so that my children would be cared for. you don’t know that i put new tires on her car so that the children would be safe riding in it. you don’t know that i paid many bills after i left so that the electricity, water, etc wouldn’t be turned off. you don’t know that she spent $1200 on lingerie all while getting assistance from her church (the judge got a good laugh out of that - yes, she admitted to this in court too). you don’t know that i continued to provide health and dental insurance for her other two children as well as dental insurance for her until the actual divorce was signed (the judge couldn’t believe that). you don’t know that these emails she claims to have don’t exist otherwise she would have presented them at trial - instead she testified she had no proof just assumptions. nor do you know that she is a pathological liar looking to play the victim. there is an awful lot that you aren’t aware of so please don’t judge me - you don’t know me.


Oh you had the world’s sleeziest attorney to represent you so of course you believe the twisted lies. YOUR LIFE IS A LIE. Why did he stop representing you??? When he found out the truth about u and and big M and the baby and all the evidence I had was TRUTH? I do have emails before the DNA you knew for many years. Why not give it at trial…no one asked for it…and all the other emails about your lustful affairs…hotel reciepts, ring purchase for Marsha, and my mom bought tires. I paid the bills when you left, while in school full time, raising 3 girls. (My mom paid to help her grandchildren) and for me to try and finish school so we could have a better life…you only paid support cause the to look good and not lose your job…oh yes…the one job ya know the one I helped pay for while you went to school and I worked.

How you forget that I was 4 months preg when we got married. I never slept with anyone else in 12 years but YOU. You CAN’T say the same. Unless your son is a lie too?

This is my last post.

(You were a horrible father and husband) and I’m not judging…im just telling the truth.


Dear deputyappleface:

Greetings. I have only read the first post, since the rest appear to be personal exchanges. You can file a Motion to Show Cause using the court’s documents (DOM forms from Wake County). I would immediately file the motion and ask the court to remedy the situation. I would also send a letter to your ex asking her to find proper supervision for the minor child. Best of luck.

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Just a week ago, on 9/26, we finally got our child custody case finalized. As part of the order, the judge ordered my ex-wife from allowing her other daughter’s to discipline or hit my daughter (Em). The ink isn’t even dry and already Em shows up this weekend with another bruise on her body. One of her olders sisters (who visited with us this weekend too) admitted to hitting her. When we questioned when this happened, it was while their mother was gone. When we asked what her mother’s response was, Em’s sister said her mother told her she needs to stop irritating her sister. Now we know that her sister had no mal-intent. We also know that her mother leaves the three home alone often throughout the week and requires the older sisters to watch Em. We also know they both hit her and slap her. We have pictures of bruises. Her lawyer has talked with her before and the judge ordered this to stop.

We would like to file a motion to show cause. How do we go about it? What kind of wording would need to be in the motion? Any and all help/suggestions is greatly appreciated.