Moving my kids

In this type of situation you are basically forced to get the court involved. You can sue for custody which will temporarily prevent your wife from taking your child out of the state. Your goal would be to get a custody order for “visitation” that could prevent her from taking your child to Atlanta.

I feel for you. This is a nightmare. None of this will be easy or cheap. You can attempt to do this yourself or hire a lawyer. The threat or beginning of a law suit can sometimes force a settlement and avoid some of the pain and some of the expense. But now is a time for action. I wish you the best. Good luck.

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My wife and I have been seperated for close to a year now but neither one of us has taken any legal action. We have worked out child support and visitation between us to save drama and money. Now she has informed me that she needs to move to Atlanta because of her job. According to her my choices are either to relocate to Atlanta or meet her half way, every other weekend to see the kids. Neither of these options are acceptable to me. Does anyone know what my rights are in this situation and what steps I can take to ensure that this doesn’t happen? Thank you for any help you can offer.