Moving out of state with ex's permission

My ex has given verbal (recorded) permission for me to move the kids out of state. I’d like to modify the separation agreement to reflect this change, as well as changing the visitation arrangements. Would it be better to re-write the whole separation agreement, or create an addendum? Is there a particular legal form or format that I should use?

The separation agreement was not filed in court. We went the keep-two-notarized-copies-at-our-houses route. I assume that an addendum or replacement agreement would be treated the same way.

I’m running out of time here so a quick answer would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:


Thank you VERY much for your quick response!

Correction, there is not a free addendum or modification on our website. If you sign up for our DIY program, we will provide you with a form to use as a go-by.