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Given the short duration of the marriage it is unlikely that a court would award any significant amount of alimony. However, it is fairly likely that a court would award her half of the marital property accumulated during the marriage.

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I certainly admire your knowledge of family law.

I, personally, am in a bad marriage of two years. I have a well adjusted, happy, two 1/2 year old son. I am 34, my wife is 38.

This is my first marriage. This is my wife’s FOURTH marriage.

Prior to the marriage I owned my own home and my own business in addition to my full-time career as a firefighter. My wife was tens of thousands of dollars in debt with horrible credit and absolutely no savings or retirement to her name. In short she had nothing other than a child by a previous marriage that SHE pays child support for.

Since the marriage I have been able to accumulate a decent amount of savings due to my small business income. This income was placed into an account that is in my name only, and was to be used for educational purposes for my son when he gets older, or possibly for the purchase of a larger residence.

My wife works full-time and make fairly close to what I make minus my small business income, yet she chooses not to save any of the money she makes and, rather, blows it on frivilous things. In the two years of marriage there is approximately $4000.00 she has spent that can’t be accounted for. This is in addition to the items that actually CAN be accounted for. She has made no effort to straighten her credit out and only pays a very small portion of the bills towards the upkeep of the residence. I pay the mortgage and most of the utility bills.

In addition I have spent several thousand of my hard earned dollars trying to get her credit straightened out for her and have loaned her parents $3000.00 to help them file bankruptcy so that they could keep their car and home.

Finally, there was an affair, but it was prior to the marriage.

Now here’s the question. It is so, SO blatantly obvious that she has put so little if ANY effort into really anything in this relationship financially. She has had every opportunity to save money but chooses not to do so for whatever reasons. I, on the other hand, choose to save my money because I like to be prepared for the future. She just doesn’t care.

I know that if I leave her the chances are good that she will try to get some of this money she never lifted a finger to earn in anyway AND SHE WILL PISS IT AWAY. This money is for the benefit of MY son.

Is there ANYTHING I can do to keep her greedy little nodules out of my pocket? Sorry this is so long, but I need to find a legal way to keep her from getting this money.