My husband wants me to leave our house


Sounds like you are going through a lot right now. I would recommen that you stay in the home until a separation agreement is filed. You have a child to think about as well and if you leave then where would you go. If he begins to get angry and you feel for your safety then contact the police or remove yourself from home then. It does not take long to have an agreement drawn up. You really need to do this. If your name is also on the bank account then you can check with your bank about getting another card or possibly open an account in your name alone. Although you have only been married for a short period of time he can still be ordered to pay alimony due to the fact that he is the bread winner and you have been totally dependant on him for the needs of yourself and your child. He would also have to pay Child support. My main concern is the fact that has cut off any funds that you have access to. He needs to think about his daughter and for some reason he is not doing that.


I’m a little confused here. Not to sound mean-spirited, but you stated HIS bankcard is YOUR only source of income? Is he making payments for the home and insuring your daughter has food and clothing, although all this is going on? Perhaps you should consider looking for a job just in case things get worse. In addition, there tons of support programs and income sources available to you (that aren’t available to men)that may help you get out of this situation until you can get things more settled.


Dear odomswifey:

Greetings. If you don’t want to leave, then don’t. Good luck.

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My husband of a year and a half wants me to uproot and leave oour house after we just moved here 2 weeks ago because he says he doesnt know if he wants to go back to the single life or stay with me now i dont think that i should have to leave because im the one that takes care of our daughter full time he took away the bank card and he is my primary source of income so what am i suppose to do i just wanna know like is there anything that i can do like he says he just wants time to himself but he took the bank card from me so if i left or he left then what am i pose to do for money. The question is about how long does it take to get a legal seperation and if i do this will they make him pay for something i mean i can get a job but then i have to worry about chilcare and its not like like a job is gonna just fall in my lap.