My Husband's a Bigamist

If you say that according to North Carolina Law you are not married, then why is the marriage certificate on record. You are married according to the law of North Carolina. That is a legal document proving that you are. Further, if you still love him and he has taken the necessary steps to resolve the previous marriage issue, you should consider continuing on in the marriage for the well being of the children and also for a piece of mind for yourself. I was once in that predictament and I stayed in the marriage and I am glad I did because it brought us close together and he managed to love me even more because he had nothing to hold back his love for me and our children.


I too am incline to believe that you should try and work it out. I was married to a bigamist for ten years. I had the same situation presented to me also. At the time, we had two small children together and I really felt like we were going nowhere. I felt that he had more problems than solutions and I really wanted out of the relationship. I was very mad and hurt at him for putting us through it when he could have been honest from the beginning. We separated and I went thorough a period of being mad and angry at him. I wanted nothing to do with him I felt like. He got his divorce and I found out that after I got over the anger and the hurt, I really did love my husband and I say this with conviction because he really is my husband. Since then he has been so loving, caring and he appreciates me more than ever. We even have grown closer together and he shares more of himself to me now than he did when we were first got together. He has become the God-fearing man that I wanted him to be. He really loves the Lord and will do anything to make sure that his family does the same. I admit that I wanted to get away from him and that was that but I am glad that I didn’t because I really found that he really did love me. My advice to you if you love him, get back with him after he has taken care of the first marriage issue and really start to live as God has given to you. For truly he must have been God sent for you two to have three children and to stay together that long. I should know look what I have gone through. You never did say that you were in the church but if you are give it a chance and if you are stay with God and let God work it out between the two of you and I know that He will because He did it for me. Please reconsider your position and get back with him before it is to late and really give your children the chance to have a father in their lives. I am glad that I did. We now have four children and we have a wonderful God fearing life together.

Do you have a multiple personality disorder? Why would you post a question and then answer your own question as if you were someone else? That is really strange.

If you are in fact “married” to a person that was not divorced then you are not married. You can simply move on given that you are not married, or, you can obtain an annulment based on the bigamy in order to document your situation. I would suggest that you hire counsel to clarify the support issues involved.

Good luck.

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So glad that you posted that question. I too was married to a man accused of being a bigamist. We were together for 15 years and I when I found out the truth, I was devastated. I got very angry and mad but I found out that I made the worst mistake I could make. I let him go and wish now that I did not. He was truly my husband and I miss him dearly. To this day, he still takes care of the children but my heart really yearns for him and I really want him back in my life as well. Please do not make the same mistake I made. Eventhough, he corrected the mistake, I do want him back because he is a loving man. A lot of times, we make foolish mistakes but please do not loose this man. It is not worth the pain and agony that I have gone through these last 4 years without him.

Originally posted by clancygus
Do you have a multiple personality disorder? Why would you post a question and then answer your own question as if you were someone else? That is really strange.

I married a man based on his word and a divorce decree, stating that he was divorced. Six and a half years and three children later, I am told that the document given to me was a sample pulled from the internet.

This document seemed strange to me because although it had the right names and a signature of a judge, it had no seal. I knew that all legal documents had seals, but I wanted so much to believe that I was given a truth. But now I know that I wasn’t, so I need to know where to go from here.

According to North Carolina law I am considered as not even being married, but there were three children born, and a marriage license is on file a the courthouse. If in fact I am not considered being married (regardless of the children), how do I get the marriage license of the records?