Narcissistic personality disorder

I have just realized what I am dealing with and why my spouse cannot be a good husband and father. I do not ever leave my kid’s alone with him as he does not care for them or keep them safe and verbally abuses them. What tips do you have for divorcing him? He is unwilling to leave the home and I am a dependent spouse.
I have been focusing on taking pictures of everything and documenting and listing the value of all property and that is a job in itself besides making copies of financial papers.
After that is done I plan on finding a home to purchase contingent on this one selling and leaving with our two sons. I want them stable and not moved around- would this be my
property in the settlement? When in all this would I need a lawyer?

You may want to consider filing an action for divorce from bed and board, and ask that possession of the martial residence be awarded to you pending equitable distribution of assets, or you may leave the home with the children and file an action for Equitable Distribution, Post-Separation Support, Alimony, Child Custody, Child Support and Attorney’s fees. I suggest you meet with a lawyer as soon as possible to develop a plan of action.