Natural love

I discovered posts on my ex husbands, mother’s Facebook page. Her page contains several pictures of my daughter (her granddaughter)

In the caption below the pictures was a rambling and somewhat incoherent paragraph written by his mother. To summarizs she asked for prayers to be said for my daughter and all of the hardships and circumstances/evil she has faced in her young life. She also goes on to say that one day my daughter will truly understand the truth about me.

My ex and I separated when she was very young, but our daughter has regular and close contact with both of us. She is a very well adaptive and thriving child. She has a safe and secure environment while in my care. (I am the custodial parent)

Would this type of behavior violate the NC parental guidelines pertaininting to creating a situation which can diminish the natural love of one parent?

I’m not sure what you are speaking about when you say “the NC parental guidelines.” As far as the posts go, your mother in law is permitted to post what she wants on Facebook. Legally, you can’t control what she chooses to post.