Need answer asap please!

My husband and I have a vacation home. I was supposed to go this weekend and Memorial Day weekend, had given him notice and made plans. He called me tonight and told me “on the advice of his counsel”, he changed the locks at the house and I would have to make other plans. My name is not on the mortgage loan, however it is on the deed and on a home equity loan for the house. He pays the mortgage, just like he did when we were married, as ordered by the judge. We have not gone through equitable distribution. He had requested dates I wanted to use the house before and now says I can’t use the house.

I have 7 co workers going to the beach this weekend and need to know what I should do or can do at this point?

thanks so much for any help!

Unless your ex lives at the vacation home as his primary residence, he does not have the right to bar you from the same. You may file a motion for judicial assistance to have an order issued to allow you to use the same.