Needing resources

I lost temporary custody of my child almost 2 years ago, I have been fighting to get a permenant hearing since then because I know that this is wrong, I had a very bad attorney. I have not been able to get one yet and now my child is living between 4 homes! (3 of which are court orderd, she lives between one grandma, me and father and now he can’t keep her part of his visitation and is sending her to be with his mother on those days) This has got to be extremely harmful to my child and her emotional/educational and physical wellbeing…

Grandmother is not doing very well with child, they are fighting constantly and child states that she will make grandmother miserable until grandmother allows her to live with mommy or daddy. Daddy supports grandmother having custody.

Father and I are allowed only email communication pertaining to the child and he refuses any custody evaluator, mediator, therapist, online help.

Things with granmother have recently become physical, last night grandmother pulled childs hair in a fit of anger. Child then was allowed to stay with me that night.

I need help, resources somebody who can speak with and be a voice for my very confused child in the court room, any suggestions? I am afraid to contact DSS because the didn’t help the last time I called (when father was teaching child to play beerpong).

How do I get this into the court room for a final hearing?

Are there any legal counselors or inexpensive ways to get in courtroom help only? I have EVERYTHING already organized in order in notebooks with pictures and recordings.

Last but not least: grandmother came to me last night and said that if I signed an agreement giving her permenant custody, she would allow child to stay with me full time (outside of fathers visitation) so that she can:

  1. garantee that I will never take child away from her
  2. keep the child support
  3. keep the food stamds and medicaid she recieves because child is in her care

Is this legal? I just want my child, but am not willing to do anything illegal to get her.

You need to contact DSS, they are there to help in situations like this, and need to be notified.
You must contact the clerk for a trial date.
I do not know of any service that helps folks in the courtroom.
DO NOT SIGN the agreement the grandmother is presenting you with, it seems like a sure trap to me, and it will prejudice your rights to receive the necessary support for the child.