No Contact Order

I assume that he is to get legal counsel because stalking is illegal. This may help you though, I found this on the internet:

How to Obtain a Civil No-Contact Order

STEP 1: Prepare and File the Forms
When you describe the stalking on the complaint form, start with the most recent act; then go back in time and describe any other act(s). When describing the sexual assault be specific. Add extra sheets if needed. Also, be prepared to tell a judge. It is very important to show the judge on paper what the person has done. The judge will read your complaint and may ask you more questions in the courtroom.
STEP 2: The Ex Parte Hearing
If you believe that immediate injury, loss, or damage may result to you before the stalker/abuser can appear in court, you should ask the court to issue a temporary or ex parte order without contacting you stalker/abuser. The written request must be supported by specific facts supporting your belief that immediate injury, loss, or damage will result to you. You must also show in the request efforts that you have made to inform the stalker/abuser that you are seeking a protective order, or reasons why notice should not be given. If you believe that giving notice will result in harm to you, you should indicate that in your request. The order protects you while the summons and complaint are being served by the sheriff and before the stalker/abuser has the chance to come before the judge. The ex parte hearing takes place when you file the complaint and the order is good for ten (10) days and expires on the date indicated on the front. The SAFE-LINK staff will coordinate your meeting with the judge
STEP 3: Service on the Abuser/Stalker
The law requires that the abuser/stalker receive a copy of the complaint and motion by personal delivery from your local sheriff. This process is called

Dear patricia1:

Greetings. Call the police and have them come and see the calls. They will arrest him, and that is good evidence. Thank you.

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I entered a motion for a No Contact Order and had my first day in court yesterday. My husband requested a continuance so he could seek legal counsel. I have 20 messages that he left me in one evening plus I have a log that I’ve been keeping of the number times he has called me at work and home. I have on average received 35 calls within my 8 hour work day. What other evidence do I need in order for the Judge to grant my order? How can legal counsel help him?