No huge rush, but need help

STBX skipped out on mediation so we have to go to court to see if judge wants us to go back to mediation or go straight to trial. I was the one who filed for custody first (then he filed) but my plan was not to take it all the way to court. The more and more research I do, the more I have come to realize the devastating effects it can have on both my children…he, however is adament about going to court and has a great expensive lawyer to help him fight.

Me: he left me with no car, no money, no house and no job. Since March I have picked up the peices, gotten 2 great jobs, a house, and a borrowed car…I am in no condition to afford an attorney and he and his tricked me into signing an agreement that leaves me with nothing. (He said if I signed it there would be more of a chance of us getting back together because I am complying with his wished, and I being niave fell for it!)

So I have no money and am worried about losing my daughter, who is currently living with me. The self help center has been great and the mcdowel familiy law center only helps with paperwork. IF this makes it to the court room I need help. Does anybody know of an attorney who will help me on a low payment plan with out a huge amount down. My baby is my life. I don’t want to lose her and I don’t want him to lose her. We live a mile apart and since there is a 50B action, there is no communication. My daughter has only suffered since and I am scared.

You may want to contact legal aid as they may be able to help you with your custody action.

Hi Erin,

I did, and they don’t help with family law cases…at a dead end here…

Legal aid does represent folks in custody actions, and you may want to let them know the specifics of your case. As for the remaining issues many counties offer self service clinics that will aid you in self representation.