No response from attorney/no confirmation

You can complain to your state’s bar association, or you can go down to his office and sit there every day until you get help. Attorneys can be fired too, and they can be sued for breach of contract.

You can obtain copies of your court file by going to the Clerk of Court’s Office in the county where your case is filed. All orders and other court correspondence will be filed under a case number.

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My attorney has throughout my case taken days if not a week or more to respond to my questions regarding my case. He directed me not to attend the last hearing and stated that there was an OFA with bond attached for the defendant and there was no need for me to attend. 2 months later, there is still no OFA recorded in magistrate or sheriff’s office. After 3 calls, 2 emails and a 4 days later, he calls and says he does not know why and he will resubmit the order. I have requested several times for confirmation of OFA for contempt, update on the status of my divorce and other issues but when he does call, he leaves a voice mail asking me to call him and he is never available.

Please help! My life is on hold and he has been paid in full. How do I get confirmation of what the Judge did in fact order? How do I obtain my case records and status? How do I get him to do what he was paid to do? I have already been to the NC Bar and their next hearing is not until January 2006 to hear grievances.