No taking Child to Church - Blocking my cell

My ex-husband decided that he is not going to take her to church or letting me take her when she is with him, since we have joint custody that is half of the time.
Since is my custody agreement is not written anything about Church or extra-curricular activities or doctors.
I guess he can do that because is not “included in the custody agreement.”

My ex-mother in law decided also to Block my phone and since she is with her a significant time, now I can’t talk to my daughter. I have been calling the police so far to check on her status.
But I can’t keep calling the police forever to check on my daughter when she is with her.

Thank you!

Is your custody arrangement set forth in a separation agreement or a court order? If it is in an agreement, you can simply file for child custody. At your hearing you can put on evidence of the blocked cell phone, your inability to contact your daughter when she is in your husband’s custody, and that he refuses to allow her to go to church. If your custody arrangement is set forth in a court order, you can file for a modification of custody based on a change in circumstances. Our article on changing custody and visitation is a great resource to look at. It should be able to answer any questions you may have; it discusses both the legal grounds for modification of a custody order and the standards the judge will use.