Non divorce child custody

My daughter wants to give custody of my grandson to me and her father. Do you handle this type of situation?

Is the biological father in the picture?

She got married to Frank, they did not live together, then she had a baby and for two years said that Frank was the biological father. Then she said that the biological father was someone else who has been in prison.

She has been diagnosed with ‘Borderline PErsonality Disorder’.

The baby lived with us from when he came home from the hospital except for six months last year when she took him and moved to three different households.

She is pregnant from another unknown man and during her lucid moments has ask us if we would take custody of Aidan. They would continue living with us and her plan is that we would have custody of Aidan until she could support herself and her children.

We like the idea because that would prevent her from taking Aidan and running out of the house when she gets angry.

You would need to file an action with the courts to have her parental rights terminated and to adopt the child. Our firm does not handle those types of cases, but you may contact our client liaison for a referral to someone who does.