Non payment child support

I am unfortunately behind on my child support obligations, and will have to appear in court to show cause.
If my justification is genuine financial hardship, is it likely that I would be able to avoid being held in contempt?
I would like to request that the court review my situation in 30-45 days hence, at which time I’m confident
of being able to catch up on my arrears. What is the best way for me to
approach this request? Thanks for any tips, as I will appear on my own behalf without an attorney.

Without knowing all the facts of your case, it’s difficult for me to make an assessment of the likelihood of being found in contempt. Since a finding of contempt has the possibility of a jail sentence, when going to court, you should have the opportunity to speak with a court appointed attorney. You may also be able to work out an arrangement as you suggested directly with your case worker for scheduled reviews until you have caught up on your arrears.