Not Paying Child support

My husband is under a temporary court order for a certain amount of child support. For different reasons be both do not have attorneys any longer. I have now aquired a new job and he has taken it upon himself to not pay the ordered amount and “recalculated” what he thinks he is supossed to pay. Therefore last month he only paid me about half of what was ordered and this month, paid me a much smaller amount deducting what he says he overpaid me last month based on his calcuations. In this calculation he uses the CSE formula but does not include what I pay for the children’s health care nor child care.

I just was curious if you may have any suggestions on what I can do. Can he be arrested for doing this? I knew that it was illegal being that he is still under order to pay the designated amount.

He is very spiteful and aggressive so therefore I am just taking what he gives me at this point.

Thank you.

You need to file a motion for order to appear and show cause. You can also go to your county CSE office and ask them to intervene in your case so they can assist with enforcement.