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In our custody agreement it states that my ex and I will mutually agree upon educational decisions. My son is currently in daycare near both of our jobs, I recently just changed jobs and the daycare we agreed upon is no longer feasible with my commute as in there’s no way I can get him there and in to work on time. I have sent emails asking my ex to look at others and that I could no longer take him during my visitation time. He will NOT respond. What do I do? The new job is closer to his home so it is by no means an inconvience for him. Me paying daycare expenses is calculated in our child support order, can I modify our order and have him fully pay for expenses since I am not utilizing the services?


Since you are not able to come to mutual agreement with your ex-husband, you need to consider filing an action for custody so that you can have an order entered that is different from the agreement. You should also consider utilitzing an attorney to obtain a response from him. The day care expense should be split between the parties regardless of who uses them. If you get different day care, then those costs should also be in the calculation.