Nothing settled legally in separation


My husband tells me that we are “legally” separated though we have nothing in writing to say this…the only separated part of this is he does not live in our home…therefore having said this he now wants to take his name off of my utilities, cell phone, cable etc of which are all set up in his name during our 25 years of marriage…can he do this and make me pay for all these things myself. HE is the supporting spouse and I do expect alimony once we make things “legal”. Until then, I just don’t know how to respond to his request. Thanks!


If you are living separate and apart you are separated in the eyes of the law. If your husband trying to force you to switch the utilities into your name, it may be because he no longer intends on paying them. I suggest you visit a lawyer and plan on working out a formal agreement with respect to alimony prior to creating any financial responsibilities in your own name.