Obtaining a Fault adultry divorce in NC

Hi Lisa,

Since I’m not licensed in Virginia, I cannot give you and legal advice pertaining to Virginia law. However, in North Carolina you can only divorce based on 1 year separation or incurable insanity. Adultery is not a basis for divorce in North Carolina, and is only important in an alimony claim. At least 1 party must live in North Carolina for at least 6 months prior to filing an action for divorce in North Carolina. Even if your mother files in North Carolina, that does not necessarily mean that her assets in another state will be protected.

I hope that information helps your mother.

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My mom lives in Virginia, my step fathers has been living in NC for over 4 years. She wants to file for a Fault adultry divorce as a Va atty said this would be the best way to protect her assets.

  1. Does one of the parties need to be a NC resident to file for fault adultrey in NC?

  2. What are the guidelines for residency?

  3. Is there such a thing like in VA of a Fault adultrey divorce in NC

  4. If filed in NC will my moms assets be protected?

  5. What type of proof does she need for adultry?

thank you very much

Lisa Giannini
North Carolina